Cybersquatting Today and Also 15 Years Ago!

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I want to share an article i found in The New York Times, the article talking about people that registering trademarks domain names, The article wrote in 1994.
Unfortunately, today people still registering trademarks domain names, those people are “Cybersquatting”.
My opinion is that people will not change unless the education and the awareness will pickup.
In the beginning, the Internet was like the “Wild Wild West”, everyone was doing what ever they want because there was no rules to guide them.
Cybersquatting is happening because there is a lot of greedy people in the world that looking for the easy money.
I think the answer is education but more i think the solution is in companies that allow you register these domains.
What will be more easy to try educate a minor not to access a porn site or just block the option from him???

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There Are Big Opportunities In The Indian Domains Market

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2 weeks ago i decided to invest in Indian domain names (.in and
“Like other domainers” i also think Indian domain names will be a great investment for years to come.
In the beginning, i looked for .in and in the aftermarket, after few hours of research i realize there is a lot of good domains i can hand registered, so i start registering few .in and more from
I think if you will spend some time you can get great keywords domains with one or two words.
The Indian domain names are great for development or just for a future investment.
Remember – India is the second biggest countries by population in the world with more than 1 billion people, also second in the world for English spokesman with 90 million people.
So start doing your homework, all the good domains probably be taken in a year or two.
If you want to see the domains i hand registered in the last 2 weeks Click Me.

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“I Learn A Lot From My Domains”

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I want to share a great thing i learn when i start developing my domains.
When i just start developing my domains i thought i will learn a lot about SEO, how to build a site from scratch and a lot more.
After i did some developing in different niches i discovered i am learning a lot than SEO or building a website.
Every domain i develop i learn a lot from the content or information i put on my site.
It is great because not only i am learning how to develop domains, but i expand my knowledge in the different niches of my domains.
You can expand your knowledge on things that you never had a chance to do if you did not develop domains.
So my bottom line is – if you did not start developing your domains, please do… It will only develop you.
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“Go Daddy Promo Codes”, Get Them While They Work!

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I just did some research for promo codes because i register some domains.
I check all the codes and they all working, but i can not guarantee until when they will work.
The most important point is that they working now.
Please tell me if any of this codes did not work…

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Video – Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes or You’ll Never Make Anything …

Hi Everyone !
I just post an important video about “Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes or You’ll Never Make Anything”.
I think it is a extremely valuable point when starting a new business or a new thing in your life.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
When i started my domaining business i did mistakes and i will make mistakes in the future, but this is a part of the process.
Enjoy The Video.


Video – “Choose The Right Niche”

Hi Everyone!

When it comes to develop a domain or just create a new website it is very important to choose the right niche.

In my video i want to give you a tip, before you choose the domain you want to develop or before you create a new website.

Thank you for watching.