“Find The .com Domain Game – Episode 2″

Hi Everyone !

Lets play a game…

“Find The .com Domain Game”

The rules are:

Every week i will search for a decent available .com domain name.

1. The domain needs to be one or two words.

2. The Keywords need to be more then 5,000 Google exact searches a month.

3. It is had to be keywords that make sense together.

4. You have one day to register the domain before i will do that.

If you want to see what is the second domain, Please watch the Video.


You want to see episode 1 – Click Here

Thank You For Watching !

“Miley Cyrus Domain Investigation”

Hi Everyone !miley_cyrus_tv_guide

Miley Cyrus is going to be more bigger than the “Britney Spears” of the 90th.

She only 16 years old, and already was the star on the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana”.

Miley have a YouTube Channel with 472,000 subscribers, she also have a Twitter Profile with 2,000,000 followers.

Lets see, what Miley Cyrus domains are doing ? CyberSquatting ?

MileyCyrus.com – Miley Cyrus Official Site.

MileyCyrus.net – “No Site” – CSMJBS Enterprises – Private Registration (same company as the .com)

MileyCyrus.org – “No Site” – Registered by The Fan Connection.

MileyCyrus.info – “Fan Site” – Personal Registration, around 3,010 U.S. visitors per month.

MileyCyrus.biz – “Site Coming Soon” – Registered by VirtualDeveloper.com.

MileyCyrus.us – “Parking Page” – Registered by Samirnet -Domain Names For Sale.

MileyCyrus.me – “Parking Page” – Personal Registration.

MileyCyrus.mobi – “Parking Page” – Personal Registration.

MileyCyrus.de – “Page inside a different website” – Personal Registration.

MileyCyrus.co.uk – “Parking Page” – Registered by Pioneer Enterprises Limited.

MileyCyrus.in – “Parking Page” – Privacy Protection.

MileyCyrus.co.in – “Parking Page” – Registered by Status Infotech.

MileyCyrus.cn – “Chinese Parking Page” – Register  (I cant read Chinese).

MileyCyrus.es – “Fan Blog” – Personal Registration.

MileyCyrus.fr – “Fan Site” – Personal Registration.

And the list go on and on…

You can see, Miley Cyrus is taken in “ALL EXTANSTIONS“.

I let you decide who is doing CyberSquatting and who is not…

Great Weekend Everyone !

BTW – This is the free extensions by Go Daddy:






















































“Find The .com Domain Game – Episode 1″

Hi Everyone !

Lets play a game…

“Find The .com Domain Game”

The rules are:

Every week i will search for a decent available .com domain name.

1. The domain needs to be one or two words.

2. The Keywords need to be more then 5,000 Google exact searches a month.

3. It is had to be keywords that make sense together.

4. You have one day to register the domain before i will do that.

If you want to see what is the first domain, Please watch the Video.


Thank you for Watching

“Open Question To All Domainers”

questionsHi Domainers,

I want your opinion on the following question…
Many people i know asking me the same question and i want to see what is your response or opinion about that question.
I think it could help a lot of people that want to start a domaining business.

The Question – If you had to start your domaining business from the beginning and you have only $500 budget, what would you do? 

I will appreciate all comments.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


“My Mistakes From My First Development”

Hi Everyone !

My first domain development was in early 2008, i decided to make a mini-site on a celebrity from the sport sector.beginning-quotes
The domain registered under my Go Daddy account, so i was checking some options to create the mini-site with Go Daddy.
I discovered a Go Daddy service called “website tonight”, so i decided to develop the site using this service.
I did a lot of mistakes and this is exactly what i want to share with you.

Mistake #1 – I paid $300 for a costume design work by Go Daddy. (too much money for logo+design)
Mistake #2 – I took all the content from Wikipedia. (copyright rules, this is not unique content)
Mistake #3 – I also bought Go Daddy services Traffic-Blazer + Traffic Facts. (you can get it for free)
Mistake #4 – I used a celebrity domain name for the site. (cybersquatting issue)
Mistake #5 – I open AdWords account and spend over $400 on advertising. (Not required for a new site).
Mistake #6 – When someone interested in advertising on my site i told him, i do not want to publish any banners on the site. (i didn’t know how much to ask for or how to locate the banner on my site)
Mistake #7 – I was paying $80 a month for the custom Go Daddy design until i close the site 7 months after launch. (This is a lot of money for a service like that)

This is my mistakes from my first development.

What Mistakes You Did?

You are more than welcome to share it, in the comments section below.

BTW – Tia Wood from (TiaWood.com) and I will be doing a great contest with a huge domain+development prize…”Details Coming Soon“.

Great Week Everyone…

“I Just Launched My Hebrew Domain Name Blog”

Hi Everyone !

I just launch my new edition for HDN.co.il – Hebrew Domain Name Blog.HDN.co.il
The Hebrew domain name blog is going to expand the exposure of the domain industry in Israel.
I just did a partnership with an Israeli woman who investing in domain names.
The idea is to bring everything that happening in the domain industry in Hebrew.
In Israel there are 152,000 .co.il and .org.il registered domains, this is a nice number for a country with only 7 million people.
The problem is that Israelis buying domains but they do not have the education what to do with them.
They do not know how to sell them or how to develop them.
The blog will give them all the information how the big boys in America playing the game.
Education is the keyword here and i sick of tired to see people that don’t know what to do with their domains.
This is the first time a blog about the domain industry created in Hebrew.
If you want to expose your business to the Israeli audience, take advantage of our cheap advertisement ads before it will be more expansive.

If you don’t know to read Hebrew, you can click on the icon above the logo for English translator, it is not so good but you can get the big picture.

Great Week Everyone.

What Was Your First Domain Name???

Hi Everyone !

When i just found out about the opportunities in domain names, i open an account on Yahoo Small Business and i registered couple of domains.
It was on December 20, 2007 when i registered my first domain name.
The domain was “Apple-Israel.com”, i registered the domain because i thought Apple will open there first branch in Israel in a couple of years and then i would sell the domain for quick cash. LOL “Yeah Right”.
Lets see some large mistakes i did, first and most important Apple is a trademark, so “unfortunately” it is not my trademark so this is cybersquatting.
Second, there is a hyphen in the domain and it is not good for SEO, or it takes down the domain value.
So this is my, “first domain”, What is yours???

Please share with me your first domain name in the comments space below…

Great Week Everybody.

Yahoo! Small Business  
Dear Arbel,

Congratulations! Your domain name, apple-israel.com, is active!

“Content is King, Queen and The Prince”

Hi Everyone !180509

As everybody know content is king in the Internet, i think content is King, Queen and The Prince!

I saw a lot of people asking the question – What is better when you blog, Content or Video?

My answer is in the video below, take 1 minute and 51 seconds and watch the video.


Thank You For Watching !

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“Choose The Right Niche”

Be a Domainer, Don’t Do Cybersquatting!

BasketballBlog.com – Small Dream Of Mine !

Hi Everyone ! basketballdotcom_logo

When i was a child i watch basketball all the time, because i born in Israel i had to watch the games on 5 am in the morning, that is not the best time to watch t.v but Michael Jordan is worth it.
I was reading books, watching t.v shows about the game of basketball.

Two months ago i decided to search for a domain name related to the game of basketball.
I did a lot of different searches until i saw the domain BasketballBlog.com on Sedo.
The domain was for sale at 1,200 dollars if i remember right.
I send an offer via Sedo to the seller for 500 dollar, eventually after short negotiation we agree on 675 dollars.
After i bought the domain i started looking for developing ideas.
I wanted to develop a terrific blog about the game of basketball, but i do not have the time to update the blog every day so what is the point of doing that.
Eventually i decided to make a blog base on RSS feeds that combine the best-basketball blogs out there.
I decided to go with WordPress, i bought a theme for 20 dollars on Theme Forest, i told my designer to make a neat logo and i purchase a software that feeds your posts with RSS feeds.
Two days ago i launch the site, of course it is only a beta version, but i excited with my first basketball site.
The plans for the future is to draw a lot of visitors to the site using all the available tools out there, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, target ads on related sites.

If you have suggestions, comments, please send email to Info@BasketballBlog.com or use the comments area below.

Have a Great weekend everyone.