– Alexa Demographics Feature !

Hi Everyone !

Lets talk a little bit about Alexa Demographics Feature.

Alexa Demographics feature is a new tool that launched in April, 2009.

The feature provide some interesting information about the visitors of each site.

Of course Alexa only collect data from people that using their toolbar (I dont know how many people use this toolbar), but it is still interesting information. is the number one site (for my opinion), for people that discovering or following the domain industry.

Lets see what data we can pull about visitors.

Age – Between 35 to 44.

Eduction – Graduate school and some college.

Gender – Male.

Has Children – No.

Browsing Location – Home.

I dont know how much you can relay on this data, but its still interesting data.

Click on the image for a larger view of the pic.
Enjoy your weekend !


“Domainer Song”

Hi Everyone ! Contest is over, Congrats to “Sergio” the winner and the new owner of

I want to share with you a nice video comment that arrive yesterday, 30 minutes before we close the contest.

In the video you will see a 12 years old kid, singing the “Domainer Song” :-)

Thank you very much for the effort… I appreciate that.

Update – The owner put the video on a private mode… :-(

Update 2 – If you want to see the video try to add the YouTube Channel to your friends list and also subscribe to the channel, I did it and its working for me.

Last Update – I guess the owner dont want to share the video… Sorry about that.

Great Weekend Everyone !


Great Buy, Great Day, I Can’t Ask For A Lot More !

Hi People !

Let me tell you about my Thursday.

When I arrive to my office in the morning, I saw is doing a online domain auction !

I decided to check the inventory, I discover a interesting domain in my niche.

“” was on sale, when I try to enter the auction my computer cause me some problems, so unfortunately I decided to check what “” is doing…

I saw a parking page on, I decided to put a 200 dollar offer for the seller. has 40,500 exact searches on Google, the domain registered in 1999 and have some back-links and traffic.

This evening when I check my emails I saw a message from that the seller accept my offer. :-)

I am very pleased with the purchase because I already have and now I will develop to be a Yogurt Maker Machine store and information.

So I am happy with my Thursday…

Enjoy your weekend everyone.




Last Day To Enter Contest

Hi Everyone !domainerblog

For sure a lot of you heard about the contest that ChefPatrick and I are doing.

Tonight is the deadline to enter the contest…

For more information about the contest please Click Here.

The Winner will get – Domain Name + Customize Domain Blog + $100 AdWords coupon + Customize Twitter Profile and the best thing “1 hour of blog consulting with the Chef”…

The lucky winner will be announce in Chef Patrick Friday Domain News.

Good Luck !

I Just Launch “Arif”

Hi Everyone !

After 4 months of Domaining, I launch my first domain developing company.

My father died when i was 4 years old, it was important for me to call my company “Arif”…

Thank you for all the great people in the domain industry, with out you I was still buying domains and waiting for the million dollar fantasy offer.

You gave me the knowledge and the information to start my own domain developing company.

Of course this is only the beginning, but you need to start somewhere, NO ?

You are more than welcome to visit my site –

Thank you for your time !

Shark Tank – “The Domain Industry Needs A Domain Game”

gameHi Sharks !

You know why people buying a lottery ticket ?

Answer – People like to fantasize.

They like to fantasize what they will do with all the millions…

How many times did you fantasize what will you do if you had a time machine to go back to the early 90Th and buy all the million dollar domain names.

How many times people put big bucks in the wrong domains, when they just started investing in domain names, because they didn’t have the right knowledge or education.

Now is the time to make a fun game, for all the newbies or for the people that didn’t invest in domain names since the early 90Th.

Let me be more clear, I am talking about something between The CashFlow Game to OneSeason Game to Hattrick Game.

The Fantasy Games are a trend that getting bigger and bigger with time, People like to fantasize…

I think its about time, someone will do something like that, it can be a online game or a table game, the important thing is that, we will have a “Domain Game“.

Tell me what do you think about the idea !

God Bless all of us… Thank you for your time.

“The Down Of The Real-Time”

Hi Everyone !real_time

When i saw the Real-Time search deals between Twitter and Google/Bing,  it remind me my second blog post.

I wrote this post on June 7, 2009 (4 months ago).

I am a big believer in Real-Time information, i think we will see a lot more from this direction in the future.

Of course we are only in the beginning and there is a lot of problems with false information, but like everything new it will get better with time.

If you want to read my previous post Click Here, i didn’t touch the writing (forgive me for the bad English).

Enjoy your Week

Family Site On A Superb Keyword Domain !

Hi Everyone !cosbyshow_main_max

In one of my searches after great domains, I found something interesting maybe one of the best family domain site I ever saw. is a family mini site !!!

Interesting, How much you think the domain worth ?

Google Keywords Tool Exact Searches – 135,000 a month.

Maybe the household is a domainer ?

Tell me if you saw a better family site domain name.

BTW – if someone like the keyword, just let you know that the .com look like a broken link…

Thank you for reading.

“Wonder Wheel” by Google Can Give You Some Ideas For Keywords

Good Evening People !keywords

I want to show you a tool that not a lot of people aware of.

The tool is “Wonder Wheel” by Google.

I discovered this tool a few days ago, when i saw a YouTube video in GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel.

Give it a try, maybe you will find nice keywords…

This game remind me The “Word Association Game”, I play this game a lot with my friends when we were kids…

BTW – If you miss it, ChefPatrick and I are doing a Domainer Blog contest, Great Contest and Prizes, for more information Click Here

About “Wonder Wheel”, Watch the video if you want to see how it works.


Thank you for reading !

Education, Education, Education!

CB106409 Hi Everyone !

There is one huge mistake that all the young domainers share.

Almost all of us hand registered some Hyphens, Trademarks, Poor Keywords Domains.

Because a lot of domainers telling me, that this is their first and biggest mistake, I want to share with you my first portfolio.

I have to say, when i review the portfolio I understand how much i learned. (its all about education)

Huge amount of Cybersquatting (Trademarks issues), Hyphens, Poor keywords, Typos.

If you are new to the domaining business, please take a look and learn, don’t do the same mistakes I did…

Great Weekend everyone !