I Had a Great Domaining Week !!!

Hi Everyone !

This week was one of my best domaining week ever.

* I sold two domains for $x,xxx (YogurtMaker.com and BasketballBlog.com), I decided to sale because I need money for a big project I am doing.

* I bought Porno.in for $2,900 on Sedo.com, I have an investment group behind me on this one and we will develop it for something nice ! (No Sex).

* My Hebrew Domain Blog (HDN.co.il), accepted by Israeli Google News and now every post is publish on Google News in Israel.

* I just lunched @PickUpNames 5 days ago and with only 20+ followers, 9 domains already been registered.

So, I hope this week will be the same or better…

Great night to all of you.

If You Not Following @PickUpNames On Twitter You Missing The Party

Hi Everyone !

4 days after the launch of the new tool @PickUpNames on a private Twitter account, I can say that after I publish 31 available domains, 5 been registered.

This is almost 20 % success, with only 12 followers.

If you miss the launch post, you can see it Here.

I suggest to anyone that interested in finding available domains to start follow @PickUpNames on Twitter, Its free and you pay $1 only if you registered a domain.

Good Evening !

5 Live Auction Tips – Before The Big Auction In Vegas

Hi Everyone !

15 hours before the start of the Latona Auction in Vegas, This is a great time to release some tips for online auctions.

Of course most people know this information because they participate in a live auction before, but its still can put you in focus before the auction starts.

Lets start –

Tip 1 – The Auction Preview / Try to go over all the inventory and decide what domains interest you.

Tip 2 – Doing the Research / Use all the online tools to try and determine, how much the domain worth.

Tip 3 – Determining the High Bid / Decide on a budget for every domain to prevent a situation of spending a lot more than your budget.

Tip 4 – Have Your Money Ready / Make sure you have the money available in your account.

Tip 5 – Know When To Start Bidding / Timing is everything in life…

I hope this information is helpful, Of course there are a lot more things, so if you can add it in the comments it will be great.

Happy Bidding!

YogurtMaker.com Is For Sale !!!




Hi Everyone !

I decided to sale YogurtMaker.com, This is your opportunity to put your hands on a product domain with 49,500 U.S exact searches a month by Google keywords.

This domain have PR, Back-links, Traffic…

The domain is 10 years old.

Lets see the details –

Created – Sep 13, 1999.

PageRank – 2

Traffic – about 40 a day and going up.

Google Keywords Tool – U.S.A exact searches 49,500 – Global exact searches 40,500.

Alexa rank – 2,775,732.

Yahoo Explorer – Pages: 22, Inlinks 519.

Only offers above $2,000 please… Please send me an email with your offer to ArbelArif@hotmail.com

Great Day for Everyone !

Private Twitter Account PickUpNames Launched

Hi Everybody !

I just launched a Private Twitter Account called @PickUpNames.

The service will start operating officially from midnight.

PickUpNames is going to be for friends only…

The Idea –

I will Tweet available .com domains for registration, If you find something that you like, you can go ahead and register the domain name, but you will need to pay $1 fee as a “fee finder”.

I will Tweet only available domains with good keywords and search volume and it will be 90% .com, All the domains will be authentic and hand pick from organic search (not from drop lists).

If you like the idea you can go ahead and put a friend request on @PickUpNames.

You only pay $1 when you register something… If I will see someone who are registering but not paying the “finder fee”, I will block him and he will never have the option to apply again.

All payments must be via Paypal to ArbelArif@hotmail.com

I think the service can help a lot of people that dont have the time to search, but want to find some good staff for cheap.

The Tweets are going to be random with no limitation what so ever… Sometimes you will see couple domains a day and sometimes couple domains a week.

Bottom Line – This is a free tool, working with Private Twitter account and you only pay $1/Domain if you decide to register.

Great day for everyone.

24 Domain Forums List

Hi Everyone !

Domain forums are a great place to network with other domainers.

The first forum I discover was NamePros.com, I learn a lot from all the discussion’s and the people there.

You can ask questions, sale your domains, appraisal your domains, learn new things, talk with other domainers.

I think the best place for newbies are domain forums.

Let me share a list of 24 domain forums by members –

  Domain Name Members
1 namepros.com  164,702
2 dnforum.com 84,941
3 discussnames.com  44,073
4 domainstate.com  14,632
5 domainforums.com  14,028
6 acorndomains.co.uk  8,381
7 idnforums.com  6,083
8 inforum.in  3,866
9 idomainsite.com  3,290
10 domainpeeps.com  3,266
11 domainsocial.com  2,543
12 internetdomainworld.com/forums  2,413
13 nameslot.com  2,320
14 dnxpert.com/forum  2,092
15 ddforums.com  1,638
16 sdnforum.com  1,186
17 dnf24.com  657
18 namestalkers.com  262
19 domainnameforum.org  88
20 dnfactory.com  56
21 numericdomainforum.com  52
22 domainnamesoup.com/forum  9
23 domainnameforum.com   
24 namecyber.com   

Good Night !

Guide to Networking at Domain Conventions 2010

Hi Everybody !

Today, I want to share with you a guide video about networking in big conventions.

Just before DOMAINfest, T.R.A.F.F.I.C and Domainer Mardi Gras is kicking, I suggest you see this video…

The video is originally for Affiliate Summit West 2010, but 95% of the content in the video are applied also for any big convention.

Enjoy !

If You Like Basketball You Will Like This Domain!

Hi Everyone !

I decided to sell my development – BasketballBlog.com, I need quick cash for a project of mine and this is the only reason I am doing that.

If you like Basketball, This domain can be a great fit for you.

The details –

Created – May 21, 2002.

Alexa Rank – 2,775,976.

Yahoo Explorer – Pages: 1,363 Inlinks: 1,464.

Traffic – Around 10 visitors a day, Half from type in traffic.

The reason for the low traffic is becouse, I didn’t find the time to put unique content on the site.

Offers below $1,000 will not be consider.

Please submit your offer using the contact us form.

Mobile + Projector = Domain Registration

Hi Everybody !

The Electronic conference in Las Vegas “CES” just closed… One of the biggest hits there was “Pocket Projector”.

One of the managers in microvision.com saying that in 5 years all mobile phones will be with a mini projector and users will be able to download movies to their phones and broadcast it on any wall.

If this prediction is right, Let me try to help you a little bit.

I gather a small list with Mobile Projector related domain names available for registration –

BTW – The search volume is low but we dont know what will happened if any mobile will have it.

This is the list – I registered “MobileProjector.net”.

27,100 Exact Search Volume
14,800 Exact Search Volume
1,900 Exact Search Volume
1,600 Exact Search Volume
880 Exact Search Volume
720 Exact Search Volume
590 Exact Search Volume
140 Exact Search Volume
110 Exact Search Volume
91 Exact Search Volume
36 Exact Search Volume

Good Day!

Register For $7.49 and Sell For $28

Hi Everybody !

Everything you do in life starts with one step… Every Million dollar of income start with 28 dollars. :-)

If you want to make money, you dont have to sell a domain name for big $$$$$, you can go for the quantity and repeat…

If you find+register 10 domains for 7.49 its $80… lets say you sold it for an average of $28, you stay with net profit of $200 minus Sale Fees.

The most important thing is to be consistent.

Lets start with this small 10 domain available for registration list – I can bet %50 can be sold for $28

HairCream.org – 3,600 exact searches
DollyCart.net – 2,900 exact searches
PinkSunglasses.net – 6,600 exact searches
RockDrums.org – 1,900 exact searches
PinkHandbag.net – 12,100 exact searches
ChampagneGlass.org – 14,800 exact searches
CasinoSupplies.org – 2,400 exact searches
UsbMemoryStick.org – 60,500 exact searches
PersonalOrganisers.org – 6,600 exact searches

Good Night !