@PickUpNames Is Rocking – 20% Success

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Hi Everyone !

After 121 domains, 23 domains been registered…

This is 20% success with only 42 followers, The problem is that not everybody paying the $1 finder fee.

Unfortunately, I have to make some adjustment, so now I am only accepting people I know.

I reduce the followers from 42 to 12.

If you want to follow @PickUpNames on Twitter you are more than welcome to send a friendly email to info [at] PickUpNames.com, and I will approved you.

In the next couple of days you will get a lot of domains that related to local (real-estate, cities), so I suggest you to follow @PickUpNames on Twitter.

Great Weekend to Everyone !

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  1. Arbel says

    @Ian – Thank you very much for all the good comments…

    @todaro – You right, I just upgrade the site to wordpress, Now its working.

  2. says

    I’m glad to hear that you have such a high success rate on your service! I’ve registered 1 domain from your list so far (and paid the finder fee :) ) but I’m sure I’ll get a few more soon!

  3. says

    Arbel, Why did you remove those who have yet to reg a name from your service?

    I totally agree that those whom do not wish to pay the finder’s fee should be excluded from future tweets, but there are those such as myself who have just not pulled the trigger on one of your finds.

    I understand the concern you have, but I also feel that you are limiting your service before it can really get going. Maybe there is no better way?

  4. Arbel says

    Hi Brian !

    This is a new service and I am checking the things right now.

    The only thing that I ask is to send me an email before I accept someone to the service (Now I know you, so you can go ahead and request and I will approve).

    I dont think this is fair for the people that paying and this is the reason why I am only accepting people after they show their identity.

    Not all the people that didnt pay I know and this is exactly the reason I removed all the people I dont know.

    I hope you understand,

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