Where Were You, When 41 Domains Been Registered On @PickUpNames

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Hi Guys !

3 weeks after launch, @PickUpNames is rocking, I am getting a lot of good feedback from people in the industry.

41 Available Domain, already been registered.

The Followers list getting bigger and bigger every day.

Let me show you the domains –

1 ArmyTuitionAssistance.com
2 BestQuote.org
3 ComputerTablets.org
4 MiniTabletPc.org
5 OutdoorPools.org
6 CarpetCleaningCompany.org
7 WoodStorage.net
8 JewleryBoxes.net
9 RosesDelivery.org
10 FloatingCandle.org
11 ArtFrames.org
12 WoodFrame.org
13 GlassLamp.net
14 SeoArticle.org
15 PhoneNumbersSearch.org
16 ComputerDeskWithHutch.net
17 CabinetDesk.com
18 TableDesk.org
19 GardenDecoration.org
20 BathroomDecoration.org
21 BathSinks.org
22 FittedSheet.org
23 Solubility.org
24 SmallTv.org
25 HomeCinemaSpeakers.org
26 LongSleeveShirt.org
27 WomenSkirts.org
28 DiveGear.org
29 DiveEquipment.org
30 WhiteSkirt.org
31 CertificatesOfDeposits.org
32 CeilingSpeaker.org
33 ListOfForeclosedHomes.org
34 AfterBankruptcy.net
35 MakeUpTechniques.net
36 DarkHair.org
37 DiscontinuedCosmetics.net
38 SkinCareCosmetics.org
39 ModernDesk.org
40 CheapComputerDesk.net
41 BestSpeakers.org

If you want to join the service, send a basic friendly email to info [at] PickUpNames, put a request on the private Twitter @PickUpNames and I will approve you.

You can read more information on PickUpNames.com.

In @PickUpNames, We are working hard to provide some (com,net,org) available domains with high search volume and CPC.

Enjoy your weekend !

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  1. marko says

    i am sorry most of these are worthless unless they have a decent site with content
    every blog now seems to mention drops ,they are dropped for the above reasons

  2. Arbel says

    @Yaron – Thank you bud…

    @Ian – Thank you bud…

    @Marko – You need to follow the tool on Twitter to understand that this is only 10% to 15% of the names and there are a lot more in the list… This list is what a few people looking for.

  3. says

    These 5 are available right now:


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