The King ??? Your Part – Guessing, My Part – Giving You a Prize

Hi Pep !

Not a lot of pep know that I am a big collector of “basketball cards”.

When I am saying “Big” I mean selling and buying in the 5 figures… x,xxx. (This is a lot for basketball cards)

I understand the basketball collector market cards very well and I lost but also made some x,xxx back in 2006 before I discovered the domain world.

I think domains are not so different than collecting basketball cards but of course every industry and every market have his own rules.

I still have some of my collection and today you benefit from that. :-)

Today, I want to announce on a contest on my blog – Its called “Lebron ?” Contest.

You need to doleave a comment on my blog with the team you think “King James will transfer on Thursday”.

I need to do – Give you 2003 TOPPS LEBRON JAMES RC PSA 10 for free… to the first person who will put a comment with the right team.

* Only one comment each person (you must include your real name and email in the comment) !!! The prize will be shipped to the lucky winner on August because I am not at home at the moment and the card is there…

What you can do with the prize ???

1. Sell it on eBay for $50 to $100.

2. Keep it for 10 years and sell it higher.

3. Give it to the next generations in your family. :-)

So what do you say, Lebron ?

My best ccTLD Domain Name

Hi Pep!

My blog is celebrating one year old birthday.

Yesterday, I’ve got a great present!

I’ve decided to find a good domain name which has’nt been renewed by the owner with the extension

After 2 minutes of searching, my birthday present has been arrived. :-)

In the beginning I thought its a mistake but eventually it was true…” was available for hand registration.

I’ve registered it right away and today I’ve got a confirmation that the domain is mine.

I’m planning to build the first “Hebrew Domain’s Forum” on this domain.

Happy Birthday and Mazel Tov to (Hebrew Domain’s Blog) !!!