Authentic Story – How To Do CyberSquatting

Omri CasspiOn June 25, 2009 –  Omri Casspi “The First Ever Israeli Basketball Player In The NBA” was drafted in the 2009 NBA draft in NY city.

Omri was drafted in the 23 pick (First Round) by the Sacramento Kings.

Now let me take you to the beginning of 2008.

Back then, I was not aware what is “CyberSquatting”, I registered a lot (about 50) TRADEMARK or CELEBRITY Domains.

One of the domains was “” ( = Israel ccTLD).

I had a filling that if someone (Israeli guy) will play in the NBA, it will be “Omri”.

After a year, when the domain was almost expired, I renew it in the day Omri got picked by Sacramento Kings.

When I renew the domain, I wasn’t aware what is CyberSquatting, but my plan was to create a fan club with zero advertisements on the site.

Couple days ago, I decided to try and contact Omri.

Throw Facebook, I succeed to touch base with his oldest brother (Omri manager).

I ask from him to talk with Omri and tell him about the fan site and also ask him if he agree to that.

We talk a lot in Facebook and Omri told his brother “No Problem and Thank You”.

Now his brother want me to teach him some SEO and to explain more about the world of domains. LOL

Bottom Line – It start with CyberSquatting and become friendship… Guys Please dont do it (CyberSquatting), If you decided you want to do something with a Trademark or Celebrity Name because you have a passion for this subject, Please talk with the company or person before, You never know what good things can happened from that.

Thank you and Great week to everyone.

Bernard Berrian From The Minnesota Vikings is Dealing With “CyberSquatting”

Hi Guys !

I want to share with you a “cybersquatting” story, I saw this morning in “”.

Bernard Berrian a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, is dealing with a Fresno realtor Ryan Perkins who try to make a profit from Bernard domain name.

Ryan registered the domain “” in 2004 after Bernard finished his career at Fresno State and was drafted into the NFL.

Ryan try to sell the domain on Craigslist, for one thousand dollar.

When Berrian wanted the website, his attorneys say Ryan wanted even more.

“He was demanding I believe two thousand dollars plus tickets to the Minnesota Vikings – Green Bay Packers game and an autographed football that stated thank you for your help in obtaining my domain name signed Bernard Berrian.”

To see the rest of the story – Click Here



South Africa World Cup 2010 – Cybersquatting

Hi Everyone ! publish a Wipo case yesterday, The case is about a guy (Chris Carter), who register the domain “”.

Carter registered the domain back in 2000, but he found guilty with a Cybersquatting attempt to profit from “FIFA Trademark”.

The results – Wipo ask Carter to transfer the domain+site to FIFA.

Bottom Line – If you had thoughts of registering domains related to the games in 2010, Think again before you are doing Cybersquatting.

For the original article – Click Here

Thank you for your time !

“Miley Cyrus Domain Investigation”

Hi Everyone !miley_cyrus_tv_guide

Miley Cyrus is going to be more bigger than the “Britney Spears” of the 90th.

She only 16 years old, and already was the star on the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana”.

Miley have a YouTube Channel with 472,000 subscribers, she also have a Twitter Profile with 2,000,000 followers.

Lets see, what Miley Cyrus domains are doing ? CyberSquatting ? – Miley Cyrus Official Site. – “No Site” – CSMJBS Enterprises – Private Registration (same company as the .com) – “No Site” – Registered by The Fan Connection. – “Fan Site” – Personal Registration, around 3,010 U.S. visitors per month. – “Site Coming Soon” – Registered by – “Parking Page” – Registered by Samirnet -Domain Names For Sale. – “Parking Page” – Personal Registration. – “Parking Page” – Personal Registration. – “Page inside a different website” – Personal Registration. – “Parking Page” – Registered by Pioneer Enterprises Limited. – “Parking Page” – Privacy Protection. – “Parking Page” – Registered by Status Infotech. – “Chinese Parking Page” – Register  (I cant read Chinese). – “Fan Blog” – Personal Registration. – “Fan Site” – Personal Registration.

And the list go on and on…

You can see, Miley Cyrus is taken in “ALL EXTANSTIONS“.

I let you decide who is doing CyberSquatting and who is not…

Great Weekend Everyone !

BTW – This is the free extensions by Go Daddy:

Cybersquatting Today and Also 15 Years Ago!

 Hi Everyone!

I want to share an article i found in The New York Times, the article talking about people that registering trademarks domain names, The article wrote in 1994.
Unfortunately, today people still registering trademarks domain names, those people are “Cybersquatting”.
My opinion is that people will not change unless the education and the awareness will pickup.
In the beginning, the Internet was like the “Wild Wild West”, everyone was doing what ever they want because there was no rules to guide them.
Cybersquatting is happening because there is a lot of greedy people in the world that looking for the easy money.
I think the answer is education but more i think the solution is in companies that allow you register these domains.
What will be more easy to try educate a minor not to access a porn site or just block the option from him???

Great week everybody.cybersquatting