– Hand Registration Product Domain Story

Hi Everyone !

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in my apartment searching for product domains… I decided to see what I have on my table and put the keywords in “Google Keywords Tool”.

I had a pack of Sticky Notes, so I searched the keywords in Google Keywords Tool and I discovered that one of the highest term is “Stickies” with 22,200 exact searches a month on Google.

I searched to see what extensions are available and I saw the .org is available for registration.

I decided to make some affiliate research and advertisement options, eventually I register the domain ““.

When I develop domains, I like to use .org because I think this extension is great for development and the search engines like it.

Like, I decided to develop the domain on, I still need to put a logo and some affiliate links and text but you can get the big pic.

Now, my task is to rank on Google first page for the term “Stickies”.

I think this is a nice “hand one word registration”, also I think its a nice investment  ($7.50 for the domain + development costs are zero, just 2 hours of my time).

Great week for everyone !

Don’t Build a Site For The Spider, Build It For People

Hi Everyone !

First, let me start with Google… I think Google update PageRank today, so check your developments because my PageRank in all developments went up.

Second – Tomorrow night we are closing 2009 and opening 2010, I can say clearly that my best developments in 2009 were my two Domain blogs ( &  ( and couple more sites that build for humans and not for AdSense or Google Spider.

I am not saying SEO is not important for a site… I am just saying this is not the main issue.

I know that its all about unique content, but most of us dont have the time to update so many sites with unique content.

In 2010 I will try to develop sites for people and not for the spider.

Let me give you some basic but important SEO tips –

Check this things in your blog or development:

1. Keyword Stuffing

2. Duplicate Content.

3. Broken Links.

4. Linking to Bad Sites.

Happy New Year !

Great Tool To Check If Your Blog Gets Copied

Hi Everybody !

Let me give you a nice tool to check if your Blog or Development content got copied.

Copyright issues it something that happening all the time.

I remember couple of months ago, I saw couple of blogs in, fighting a little bit for copied content issue.

For Sure there are more tools like that, but let me give you one.

Its called –, I am using this service with every development that I have.

When I check my blog ArbelArif, I discover that are copied my content :-)

I hope you will find it helpful.

This post is not a paid post or affiliate program.

Merry Christmas People ! – Playing Around With

Hi Everyone !DevHub

Yesterday, I decided to start developing my new domain ““.

I did a small research and eventually I decided to start an experiment in the website builder platform DevHub.

This is the first time I am using this service with one of my domains.

The great things about this service are –

1. You dont need a programmer or designer.

2. You dont need to know HTML or CSS.

3. Very friendly platform.

4. You dont need to use your advertising affiliate or AdSense, everything is provided to you.

Basically, it is a very friendly and easy to operate service.

I develop in 2 hours of work.

The site is almost finish, I still want to put a logo but other than that its finish.

If you want a quick and easy solution for your domains, I think its a good idea to check it out.

If from some reason some of you cannot see the site, its because the DNS are still updating.

This is not an affiliate or paid post, I just like the platform and wanted to share.

Great Night People !

Experiment With – Frank Schilling Ads Service

Hi Everyone !linkbox

Today, I want to share with you an experiment I am doing with

One of my developing domain names is

Long time ago, When I did a research who owns the .com version, I discovered that it is Frank Schilling.

Because I dont have the money to invest in buying the .com, I discovered is a great service by Frank Schilling when you can put your ad on any of the domains Frank Own.

Today I decided to make an experiment and put a banner on the .com version using service.

The service cost 9 dollars a month and the ad is pretty big.

Now I want to see, How much traffic I will get from the .com.

I will update you in the end of the month about the stats…

Thank you Frank for giving me the opportunity to advertise on the .com version of my domain.

Most .com owners usually ask for a lot more than 9 bucks.

BTW – “This is not a paid post”.

Great Sunday To Everyone! – It All Started With A Go-Daddy Coupon

Hi Everybody !brandingyourself_logo_125x1

I just launched my blog ““, The blog is about – How to brand yourself in today’s Internet.

Couple of weeks ago, I saw a coupon in Go-Daddy that giving you a domain for $2.99.

I decided that now, its a great opportunity to start my new blog about Branding Yourself on the Internet.

I search for a domain, when I discovered  that “” is available, I decided to purchase it.

I think that if you have the passion, knowledge and time – you can brand yourself and make money on today’s Internet.

20 years ago it was all about the T.V and Radio, Today with all the social platforms and the free tools on the Internet, Everyone have the stage to take themselves or their business to the next level.

Thank you for visiting !

Start Developing Your Domains, Please!

Hi Everyone!

I want to share with you the main reason, I developing my domains.

Past – 10 years ago it was very simple to rank high in the search engines.

It was very simple to get a link in the open directory, traffic just came quickly after that.

All you needed to do is to open a website put some relevant content related to the keywords and traffic started to flow into your site.

Bottom Line – The competition in the search engines was low.

Present – Today the door for Google no. 1 page is almost locked, the best key for this door is “SEO”, everybody running after Back-links.

So today it’s much harder to rank high in the search engines then 10 years ago.

Bottom Line – The competition in the search engines is high.

Future – Nobody can predict what is going too happened in the future, but my opinion is Social Media will be a huge thing.

The competition in the search engines will be very high; it is going to be almost impossible to rank in Google 1st page.

Bottom Line – The competition in the Internet will only go up with time.

This is only my personal opinion – if it’s only going to be harder and harder to rank high in Search engines and to establish your development site, so way wait… Start developing today and maybe in 10 years you will thank me for that.

If you think, I am (Wrong, Stupid, Helpful, Boring), you are more than welcome to leave your comment below.

Great Week!

I Just Launch “Arif”

Hi Everyone !

After 4 months of Domaining, I launch my first domain developing company.

My father died when i was 4 years old, it was important for me to call my company “Arif”…

Thank you for all the great people in the domain industry, with out you I was still buying domains and waiting for the million dollar fantasy offer.

You gave me the knowledge and the information to start my own domain developing company.

Of course this is only the beginning, but you need to start somewhere, NO ?

You are more than welcome to visit my site –

Thank you for your time !

My First .IN Domain Development

Hi Everyone !logo1

Today, i want to tell you a little bit about my first .IN domain development.

For a long time, i am looking for a nice .IN domain name for development.

I had a big domain name deal but in the last minute the buyer didn’t push the domain into my account, so i got my money back.

After the big deal was off, i started looking for another .IN domain name, i found on Sedo.

I check all the stats and i saw the PR is 2 and the traffic is around 2,000 visitors/month (On a Park Page), i check on and i saw the domain was using for a News Forum site from 2006 throw 2008.

Let me clear something – I have a rule, i never buy a domain name with hyphens, but i got a great deal on this one and i had a plan for development, so i did it.

I decided to make a Real-Time news engine using Twitter Search API, I think Real-Time news its the future and Twitter is one of the tools out there.

Thank you for reading my post, if you have comments, you more than welcome to leave them on the comments zone below.

“My Mistakes From My First Development”

Hi Everyone !

My first domain development was in early 2008, i decided to make a mini-site on a celebrity from the sport sector.beginning-quotes
The domain registered under my Go Daddy account, so i was checking some options to create the mini-site with Go Daddy.
I discovered a Go Daddy service called “website tonight”, so i decided to develop the site using this service.
I did a lot of mistakes and this is exactly what i want to share with you.

Mistake #1 – I paid $300 for a costume design work by Go Daddy. (too much money for logo+design)
Mistake #2 – I took all the content from Wikipedia. (copyright rules, this is not unique content)
Mistake #3 – I also bought Go Daddy services Traffic-Blazer + Traffic Facts. (you can get it for free)
Mistake #4 – I used a celebrity domain name for the site. (cybersquatting issue)
Mistake #5 – I open AdWords account and spend over $400 on advertising. (Not required for a new site).
Mistake #6 – When someone interested in advertising on my site i told him, i do not want to publish any banners on the site. (i didn’t know how much to ask for or how to locate the banner on my site)
Mistake #7 – I was paying $80 a month for the custom Go Daddy design until i close the site 7 months after launch. (This is a lot of money for a service like that)

This is my mistakes from my first development.

What Mistakes You Did?

You are more than welcome to share it, in the comments section below.

BTW – Tia Wood from ( and I will be doing a great contest with a huge domain+development prize…”Details Coming Soon“.

Great Week Everyone…