5 Live Auction Tips – Before The Big Auction In Vegas

Hi Everyone !

15 hours before the start of the Latona Auction in Vegas, This is a great time to release some tips for online auctions.

Of course most people know this information because they participate in a live auction before, but its still can put you in focus before the auction starts.

Lets start –

Tip 1 – The Auction Preview / Try to go over all the inventory and decide what domains interest you.

Tip 2 – Doing the Research / Use all the online tools to try and determine, how much the domain worth.

Tip 3 – Determining the High Bid / Decide on a budget for every domain to prevent a situation of spending a lot more than your budget.

Tip 4 – Have Your Money Ready / Make sure you have the money available in your account.

Tip 5 – Know When To Start Bidding / Timing is everything in life…

I hope this information is helpful, Of course there are a lot more things, so if you can add it in the comments it will be great.

Happy Bidding!

Guide to Networking at Domain Conventions 2010

Hi Everybody !

Today, I want to share with you a guide video about networking in big conventions.

Just before DOMAINfest, T.R.A.F.F.I.C and Domainer Mardi Gras is kicking, I suggest you see this video…

The video is originally for Affiliate Summit West 2010, but 95% of the content in the video are applied also for any big convention.

Enjoy !

10 things you must do, when you are a domainer!

Hi Everybody !

If you are a domainer, you have a lot of work…

I gather some of the important things… Of course there are a lot more.

1. Visit Domaining.com everyday, you need to be up to date.

2. Visit The big auction houses every day, you don’t want to miss a good deal.

3. Visit freshdrop.net and justdropped.com for expired domains.

4. Read the news and the tech news.

5. Always think about new ways to sell your domains.

6. Always think about new ideas and new domains.

7. Visit Twitter and Facebook, it’s amazing how much information you can get from other people (Domainers) conversations.

8. If you are into developing your domains (find a good SEO blog and read every post).

9. If you are into developing your domains (Watch Google webmaster channel in YouTube).

10. Talk with others domainers throw – Emails, Phone, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for visiting !

Great Tip – How To Sell Your Domains In This Recession

Hi Guys !

I just came back from Cincinnati OH, I visit my Offline Business there.

We have a skin care company, couple of locations in Ohio.

Let me try to help, with a nice tip !

In this recession everybody are looking to buy cheap… (Deals).

For domain investors it is a tough time to sell domains, Don’t worry its tough for everybody to sell something right now.

Guys, My tip is try to connect, the buyer or the costumer in a emotional level.

People often buy from emotions, if they like you and they connect with you, they will buy almost everything from you.

Specially in this tough time, when everybody is looking for deals more than ever, its important to connect with your buyer/customer.

A lot of times, people buy because of the salesman and not because of the product.

This is not a good time to be a salesman, Its a great time to be a friend… (Think About That).

Thank you for listening !

Great Week.

Let’s See, What Mistakes Domainers Are Doing !

Hi People !Mistake

Seven Days ago (Nov 1), I started an interesting thread on NamePros.com, The thread title was “What Is The Biggest Mistake You Did” ?

After 1,291 views  and 58 replies, I decided to bring you a summary of all the mistakes domainers did.

You can learn a lot from others, so i really recommend to read all of them.

18 times – Buying up all those shitty domains.
3 times – Not developing the domains into sites.
3 times – Not doing research before I dove into domaining.
3 times – Sold a keyword .com with no reserve.
3 times – Not having a clear idea or plan as to how I would attack it…just buy in bulk and hope.
2 times – CyberSquatting. 
2 times – I didn’t check for coupons , so I register my first 100 domains in full price… :-( 
2 times – Failing to reg lots of valuable names that were available back in those days.
2 times – Didn’t find Namepros until 6 months into buying my first 100+.
2 times – Not fully understanding the real metrics that constitute a good domain name.
2 times – Spending $$$’s on appraisals and selling too quickly.
2 times – Trusting a member I met on these boards too soon and partnering with him.
Paid over US$10k to a ‘professional’ marketing consultant.
Go Daddy’s Premium Listing recommendations screwed me big-time.
Keeping secrets from the wife was very stupid.
Buy domains that I didn’t want to keep to make other similar domains seem more rare.
Trusting nicedomains.
I overslept an auction I was saving for, it was a really good name & sale imho.
Got caught in some of the domain hypes without doing my own due diligence.
Regged my first 100+ names through 1and1.
Buying domains when tired.
Trying to flip hand regs, now I still reg them but am trying to develop.
Listening to the guy interested in buying my domains.
Making decisions while sick (flu).
I haven’t figured out what my worst mistake is yet.
Not being clear about whether any given domain is an investment or a business.
Not Staying Focused.
Trying To Do Everything Myself.
Not Having A Blog Directed At My Target Audience.
Underselling A Domain Name.
Paying For Traffic.
Selling valuable names for too little on eBay and other places.
Premium auction listing service at Sedo .. waste of money.
Registered domains at crappy registrar cause they were cheap.
Getting caught up in the LLLL.com (and .net!) thing.
My biggest mistake.. selling a name for 1,000 bux to a multi millionaire.
Using RegisterFly.
Taking advice in the appraisal thread.
Starting out with too much capital [yes, you read that correctly].

Thank you for NamePros readers for the cooperation.

To see the original thread – Click Here.

5 Things You Need To Know, To Be A Successful Person Online !

Hi Guys !Success

I want to share with you, the things you need to do, to become successful online and offline.

All the successful people I so and talk with, Did this things to become, what they are now.

So, I hope it can be  helpful for you.

If you want to achieve things in life, Read the 5 Below –

1. Passion – Work become Fun when you have passion.

2. Work – You need to work hard, nothing come easily in life.

3. Focus – Be focus and organize.

4. Push – Always push yourself forward.

5. Ideas – You always need to think… New ideas will come.

There are many more, I choose to focus on this ones for now.

I wish you a great weekend.

Hey Domainers, I Need Your Help !

Hey Guys, I need your help !6a00d83451db8d69e20112796775ed28a4

The website when i learn the basics about the domaining industry is NamePros.com, Today i decided to give a hand or help all the newbies or the people that visit NamePros.com.

I just did a new post in NamePros.com, the post called “What Is The Biggest Mistake You Did ?”.

Everybody are doing mistakes, this is the only way to be a successful domainer.

Please Click Here and submit your biggest or important mistakes you’ve done.

We can all learn from that… The times i learn the most is when people was sharing there mistakes in their posts or in person.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation ! 

I wish you a pleasant week !

“Wonder Wheel” by Google Can Give You Some Ideas For Keywords

Good Evening People !keywords

I want to show you a tool that not a lot of people aware of.

The tool is “Wonder Wheel” by Google.

I discovered this tool a few days ago, when i saw a YouTube video in GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel.

Give it a try, maybe you will find nice keywords…

This game remind me The “Word Association Game”, I play this game a lot with my friends when we were kids…

BTW – If you miss it, ChefPatrick and I are doing a Domainer Blog contest, Great Contest and Prizes, for more information Click Here

About “Wonder Wheel”, Watch the video if you want to see how it works.


Thank you for reading !

Education, Education, Education!

CB106409 Hi Everyone !

There is one huge mistake that all the young domainers share.

Almost all of us hand registered some Hyphens, Trademarks, Poor Keywords Domains.

Because a lot of domainers telling me, that this is their first and biggest mistake, I want to share with you my first portfolio.

I have to say, when i review the portfolio I understand how much i learned. (its all about education)

Huge amount of Cybersquatting (Trademarks issues), Hyphens, Poor keywords, Typos.

If you are new to the domaining business, please take a look and learn, don’t do the same mistakes I did…

Great Weekend everyone !


Small Tip When Using a Go-Daddy Coupon

Hi Everyone !GoDaddy-5-off-30

The tip i will give you today work for me twice.

Every time when i am buying something in Go-Daddy.com, like everyone else  i am using coupons.

You can find the coupons on the Internet, just Google it.

Sometimes the coupons dont work, when something like that happened i am calling Go-Daddy costumer service and i am asking from the representative to use the same coupon for me.

Two times it works… The coupon work when the rep use it.

So if you have a problem and the coupon is not working, try calling costumer service, give them your coupon and it might work.

Thank you for reading.