My best ccTLD Domain Name

Hi Pep!

My blog is celebrating one year old birthday.

Yesterday, I’ve got a great present!

I’ve decided to find a good domain name which has’nt been renewed by the owner with the extension

After 2 minutes of searching, my birthday present has been arrived. :-)

In the beginning I thought its a mistake but eventually it was true…” was available for hand registration.

I’ve registered it right away and today I’ve got a confirmation that the domain is mine.

I’m planning to build the first “Hebrew Domain’s Forum” on this domain.

Happy Birthday and Mazel Tov to (Hebrew Domain’s Blog) !!!

Did You Ever Sold or Bought Israeli ( Domain Name ?

Hi Everybody !

I am looking for Israeli ( domain sales …

If you ever sold or bought an Israeli domain over $300, Please contact me (ArbelArif [at]

I will publish your story on my Israeli domain name blog

Israel dont have any domain marketplace, this is the reason why domain sales only happened in a private sale.

I heard about couple of sales but I am looking for more… The first five sales stories will get a $10 Go-Daddy gift cards.

BTW – Please provide some kind of document when sending your sale story.

Happy Sunday !


Some Domain Deals That I Purchase Lately

Hi Everyone !

Let me share with you some domain deals that I purchase in the last couple of weeks.

I saw a lot of good domains going for very low prices because of the economy (I guess).

I decided that right now, this is a great time to expand my portfolio with some good .com domains and some .in & domains because I am a big believer in the India domain market.

Few domains purchase in SnapNames and few in a private sale or Sedo.

Lets see the list – – 4,400 exact searches on Google – Price $15. (via SnapNames) – 1,600 exact searches on Google – Price $15. (via SnapNames) – 1,300 exact searches on Google – Price $39. (via SnapNames) – Great Keyword domain with nice type-in traffic – Price $300. (Sold on 2007 for $2,000) (Private Sale) – PR 2, a lot of backlinks and traffic, nice parking revenue – Price $70. (Private Sale) – 200 type-ins a month – $150. (via Sedo)

If you ask me, take advantage of the bad economy out there because if you have some side cash you can find some really good deals that will benefit you in the future.

Great Week Everyone !

All The Information That The Buyer Needs To Know

Hi Everybody !

Before you bid on “”, lets take a look at some information about the domain…

Created – 10.18.1995

Sold in 2006 for $12-14 million.

Alexa Rank – 67,217 (46% are from the U.S, 19.7% are from Iran), Main source of traffic – “Google”.

Page Rank – 5

Compete – 120,163 U.S traffic for Jan.

Yahoo Site Explorer – Pages 55,013 – InLinks 23,406. – Value $14,350,000 – Searches 101,382,000.

Available Extensions –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, – The list is much longer and the information is via “” and “”.

Great Night Pep…















The Domain Industry “Fan-Pages” On Facebook

Hi Everybody !

Today, I decided to make a research after domain industry “Fan Pages” on Facebook.

Fan Page is a great way to follow after your favorite site or service… I highly recommend you to go over this list and find your favorite sites and follow them.

Anyone with a service or site can open a “Fan Page” on Facebook, This is a great free way to promote your business.

Small rules about the list –

*I try to get all the Fan-Pages I know, If you know a Fan Page that not on the list, please add it in the comment below.

*I didnt include any Pages below 100 fans.

Here is the list –

  Fan Page Fans
1 10,903
2 2,832
3 .ME 2463
4 2430
5 1,471
6 ME-net 878
7 DotAsia Organisation 644
8 dotorg 618
9 568
10 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Conference 494
11 united-domains AG 488
12 .tel domain 485
13 433
14 25 Years of Dot Com 425
15 383
16 dotFM – .FM & .AM Domain Name Service 366
17 dotMobi 321
18 .INFO 288
19 EuroDNS 281
20 Domain Name Network 248
21 HEXONET 223
22 AfternicDLS 220
23 DotSauce Domain News 205
24 Domainer’s Magazine 198
25 Crazy Domains 192
26 .ME Domain Names 179
27 177
28 dotRadio – .Radio Top Level Domain 169
29 Dot Innovate 168
30 Listing Domains 167
31 165
32 ListenUp.Asia 165
33 Authority Domains 162
34 DomainNameNews 156
35 .Africa (DotAfrica) 146
36 Gizmo’s Domains 144
37 Gizmo’s Domains 144
38 NetworkSolutions 141
39 130
40 DomainTools 125
41 Domainers Registrar 121
42 BestDomains 114
43 Player Domains 110
44 .LY 100
45 MeetDomainers 100

Great Week !

Sick Of Tired From Spam Comments In Your Blog ? I Have a Solution For You…

Hi Domainers !

This is not an affiliate post !!! I sign up for this service today and wanted to share it with you.

Today, I watch an interesting video on GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel.

The video is about the service “reCAPTCHA“, If you getting a lot of spam comments, I highly recommend you to sign up for “reCAPTCHA”.

It is a very quick and easy process and a lot of big players working with this service.

After you sign up for this service, you need to download the plug-in “WP-reCAPTCHA” and enter the codes they provided you after sign up, THATS IT… YOU FINISH WITH SPAM COMMENTS.

This is not an affiliate post !!! I sign up for this service today and wanted to share it with you.

Great Afternoon !

Biggest Domainers Problem Of The New Decade – Computer Ergonomics

Hi Everybody !

I see more and more people and friends with health problems because of bad “Computer Ergonomics”.

We just entered the new decade and I see that more and more health problems causing by bad computer ergonomics.

Domainers are people that spending huge amount of time in front of the computer, this is why we have to the care of that.

Let me give you some important information, how to organize your work-station properly and how to prevent this problem from happening to you.

Please give this subject, the attention its needed because we are talking about your health…

1. Setting up your computer work station correctly is extremely important. It makes the difference between getting injured and not (VIDEO)

2. Enjoy explanation how to be safety and do not leave mouse to kill you…. All just in 2,5 minutes. (VIDEO)

3. The use of computers in colleges and offices has increased substantially over the past few years. (VIDEO)

4. Just moving a computer monitor and keyboard to the center of a desk can help your back and neck significantly. Learn how to organize your PC ergonomically in this free video. (VIDEO)

5. Creating an Ergonomic Workstation. (ARTICLE)

6. Computer Ergonomics – Computer Injuries on the Rise, Don’t Get Hurt. (ARTICLE)

Great Week For Everyone !

24 Domain Forums List

Hi Everyone !

Domain forums are a great place to network with other domainers.

The first forum I discover was, I learn a lot from all the discussion’s and the people there.

You can ask questions, sale your domains, appraisal your domains, learn new things, talk with other domainers.

I think the best place for newbies are domain forums.

Let me share a list of 24 domain forums by members –

  Domain Name Members
1  164,702
2 84,941
3  44,073
4  14,632
5  14,028
6  8,381
7  6,083
8  3,866
9  3,290
10  3,266
11  2,543
12  2,413
13  2,320
14  2,092
15  1,638
16  1,186
17  657
18  262
19  88
20  56
21  52
22  9

Good Night !

Mobile + Projector = Domain Registration

Hi Everybody !

The Electronic conference in Las Vegas “CES” just closed… One of the biggest hits there was “Pocket Projector”.

One of the managers in saying that in 5 years all mobile phones will be with a mini projector and users will be able to download movies to their phones and broadcast it on any wall.

If this prediction is right, Let me try to help you a little bit.

I gather a small list with Mobile Projector related domain names available for registration –

BTW – The search volume is low but we dont know what will happened if any mobile will have it.

This is the list – I registered “”.

27,100 Exact Search Volume
14,800 Exact Search Volume
1,900 Exact Search Volume
1,600 Exact Search Volume
880 Exact Search Volume
720 Exact Search Volume
590 Exact Search Volume
140 Exact Search Volume
110 Exact Search Volume
91 Exact Search Volume
36 Exact Search Volume

Good Day!