The King ??? Your Part – Guessing, My Part – Giving You a Prize

Hi Pep !

Not a lot of pep know that I am a big collector of “basketball cards”.

When I am saying “Big” I mean selling and buying in the 5 figures… x,xxx. (This is a lot for basketball cards)

I understand the basketball collector market cards very well and I lost but also made some x,xxx back in 2006 before I discovered the domain world.

I think domains are not so different than collecting basketball cards but of course every industry and every market have his own rules.

I still have some of my collection and today you benefit from that. :-)

Today, I want to announce on a contest on my blog – Its called “Lebron ?” Contest.

You need to doleave a comment on my blog with the team you think “King James will transfer on Thursday”.

I need to do – Give you 2003 TOPPS LEBRON JAMES RC PSA 10 for free… to the first person who will put a comment with the right team.

* Only one comment each person (you must include your real name and email in the comment) !!! The prize will be shipped to the lucky winner on August because I am not at home at the moment and the card is there…

What you can do with the prize ???

1. Sell it on eBay for $50 to $100.

2. Keep it for 10 years and sell it higher.

3. Give it to the next generations in your family. :-)

So what do you say, Lebron ?

Branding, Branding, Branding !!!

Hi Pep !

This post is not an affiliate or paid post !

In today’s internet its all about branding…

I found a great way to brand your blog fast and easy.

The site called “animoto“, You can create a 30 seconds video or with paid membership you can extend the time.

You just need to upload your photos, blog logos, your videos (if you have some) and the site system will create a great video for you.

You can choose you music or photos order and text.

Take a look at the video below, I create the video in less than 15 minutes.

If you willing to pay $30/year, you can make some longer videos.

Hope this helps you brand yourself.

Enjoy !

Create your own video slideshow at

This Is Your Chance To Sell Your Domain !

Hi Everybody !

More and more friends with money telling me to find them a “Domain Investment”…

Now is your chance to sell your premium domain.

Me and my friend are looking for a domain in the range of $2,000, If you think you have a great domain and you need “quick cash”, please send me an email to ArbelArif [at] and I will replay to you and tell you if this is what I am looking for.

Domains with parking revenue have an advantage… .com of course have an advantage.

Please send me only great domains.

Good Day.

I Had a Great Domaining Week !!!

Hi Everyone !

This week was one of my best domaining week ever.

* I sold two domains for $x,xxx ( and, I decided to sale because I need money for a big project I am doing.

* I bought for $2,900 on, I have an investment group behind me on this one and we will develop it for something nice ! (No Sex).

* My Hebrew Domain Blog (, accepted by Israeli Google News and now every post is publish on Google News in Israel.

* I just lunched @PickUpNames 5 days ago and with only 20+ followers, 9 domains already been registered.

So, I hope this week will be the same or better…

Great night to all of you. Is For Sale !!!




Hi Everyone !

I decided to sale, This is your opportunity to put your hands on a product domain with 49,500 U.S exact searches a month by Google keywords.

This domain have PR, Back-links, Traffic…

The domain is 10 years old.

Lets see the details –

Created – Sep 13, 1999.

PageRank – 2

Traffic – about 40 a day and going up.

Google Keywords Tool – U.S.A exact searches 49,500 – Global exact searches 40,500.

Alexa rank – 2,775,732.

Yahoo Explorer – Pages: 22, Inlinks 519.

Only offers above $2,000 please… Please send me an email with your offer to

Great Day for Everyone !

If You Like Basketball You Will Like This Domain!

Hi Everyone !

I decided to sell my development –, I need quick cash for a project of mine and this is the only reason I am doing that.

If you like Basketball, This domain can be a great fit for you.

The details –

Created – May 21, 2002.

Alexa Rank – 2,775,976.

Yahoo Explorer – Pages: 1,363 Inlinks: 1,464.

Traffic – Around 10 visitors a day, Half from type in traffic.

The reason for the low traffic is becouse, I didn’t find the time to put unique content on the site.

Offers below $1,000 will not be consider.

Please submit your offer using the contact us form.

Merry Christmas America !

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of you !

I hope you had a great year but most of all I hope you will have a better 2010.

In a few days the first decade of the millennium will be behind us…

It was a very hard decade for America, maybe the hardest in America history.

From 9/11 throw 2 wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) to the biggest economy crisis of our time.

In this day (Christmas eve), I want to tell you that things start to look better and I want to share with you a nice Speech Video by Steve Jobs in a Stanford graduation ceremony in 2005.

I will finish with my first sentence – Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of you !

Remodeling My Blog –

Hi Everyone !Remodeling

My blog “” have a new design and a new hosting.

I transfer my blog from to

Now I can do, whatever I want with my blog – Design, Ads – Basically javascript.

When I open my blog, I didn’t aware about this things, all I care was to open a simple, easy to operate blog.

So now its a new Beginning for me. :-)

Thank you, Tia Wood from for remodeling my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!

This Is Not a Paid Post – My Best Online Investment ($100) !

Hi People!honest

Today I want to share with you, the best investment I did in “My Online Life”.

Important – This is not a paid post, I am just been honest.

In June, 2009, I invest $100 in a setup fee for the website “”.

Since then my “Online Life” Changed.

I learn – Domain Investing, SEO, Domain Development, WordPress, Write Posts blogging and last but not least “I discovered some great people”.

Before – I was buying domains and sit on them (Waiting for the “Million Dollar Offer”).

I bought a celebrity domain and develop it to a CyberSquatting site.

I bought a mini site on EBay for $350 because the seller promise me I will do a lot of money with this site (Yeah Right), I let the domain expired.

Bottom Line – Thank You Francois for a great stage to a lot of Young Domainers.  :-)

Again – This is not a paid post and I am not trying to make Happy, this is my true and I am just been honest.

Great Weekend Domainers.

BTW – I am going to sleep now, so if you have a comment I will approve it in a couple of hours.