Which Domain Parking Company You Are Using ?

Hi Pep !

Lately I moved my domains from Sedo.com to Parked.com, I want to tell you that you can’t compare between them.

First, The costumer service of Parked.com are much better, The platform and the parking links are much more targeted to the name.

Which parking service are you using ???

*If you dont see your service in the poll, You are more than welcome to add it in the comments area…

The poll is on the sidebar and it will run for a week…

Good Day !

This Is Your Chance To Sell Your Domain ! (Post Update)

Hi Everybody !

More and more friends with money telling me to find them a “Domain Investment”…

Now is your chance to sell your premium domain.

Me and my friend are looking for a domain in the range of $10,000 – $20,000 If you think you have a great domain and you need “quick cash”, please send me an email to ArbelArif [at] Hotmail.com and I will replay to you and tell you if this is what I am looking for.

Domains with parking revenue have an advantage… .com of course have an advantage.

Please send me only great domains.

Good Day.

Be Creative in Your Online Business…

Hi Everyone !

When it comes to your Online Business or Blog, it is very important for you to be creative.

The most successful people in this industry or in the online industry, made their success because they dont afraid to try new things and getting outside they comfort zone.

I just made a video about that, so watch the video and put your comment in the comments area.

Great Week Everyone !


“Find The .com Domain Game – Episode 2″

Hi Everyone !

Lets play a game…

“Find The .com Domain Game”

The rules are:

Every week i will search for a decent available .com domain name.

1. The domain needs to be one or two words.

2. The Keywords need to be more then 5,000 Google exact searches a month.

3. It is had to be keywords that make sense together.

4. You have one day to register the domain before i will do that.

If you want to see what is the second domain, Please watch the Video.


You want to see episode 1 – Click Here

Thank You For Watching !

“Content is King, Queen and The Prince”

Hi Everyone !180509

As everybody know content is king in the Internet, i think content is King, Queen and The Prince!

I saw a lot of people asking the question – What is better when you blog, Content or Video?

My answer is in the video below, take 1 minute and 51 seconds and watch the video.


Thank You For Watching !

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